As a professional luthier, I think that being well represented by someone who love what I am doing, is essential. I am really careful about people I trust, and who'll allow for my customers the possibility to buy one of my instruments.

With my dealers, you'll have the peace of mind, necessary to enjoy this moment, and to acquire your future guitar.

Eddie's Guitars, USA

I have known Eddie's Guitars for a long time now, mainly for their exquisite taste in terms of gear. I's only recently that I discovered their passion for acoustic guitars, transmitted by the already legendary Matthew Chulka.


I wanted to develop my presence on the North American market, and Eddie's Guitars is in my opinion, one of the most fashionable & amazing stores when it comes to exceptional instruments. When I asked them if they were interested by my guitars & the possibility to establish a partnership, in order to represent my brand & my production... Matthew said they would be honored to do that. So, I built a beautiful Small OM Constellations to them. "The Libra" is the first guitar I sent to them, because they deserve to have a special instrument from my workshop.


I cannot thank Eddie's Guitars (Matthew & his team) enough for trusting me. This, is what I call a wonderful business relationship.

Miki Gakki, Japan

I'm fascinated by Japan for a LONG time (since my childhood). I love their culture & their traditions, as well as many other things which come from this wonderful country. IMHO, the Japanese market of high-end instruments is one of the greatest on this planet.

One of the japanese stores which is closest to Ali Baba's cave for me, is Miki Gakki in Osaka. It brings together not only the best of Japanese luthiers, but also the most amazing craftsmen all around the globe. I got to know So Isobe & his team at the Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase (WILS), in 2015. I met sweet, passionate & professional persons.

We've met again several times and in 2018 still at WILS, Isobe-San expressed the wish to represent me & my guitars in Miki Gakki.

It is an immense honor & privilege to send my instruments to them. Arrigato gozaimatsu, So-San.


I met Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars at the Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase (WILS), in 2015. He chose me to be represented by Dream Guitars, and to be one of the luthiers oh his roster after playing my instruments at the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration (SBAIC), in 2016. He selected the OM model, specially built for this event.


It is an honor to be in this incredible store, and I am excited to see how far the wind will carry me in their company.

Dream Guitars, USA