When I build an instrument, I want it to last as long as possible. Its owner will be called upon to travel during his life and whatever how he will travel, there will be physical issues which will put his guitar in danger. I must provide to him the best protection I could supply, as well as a number of options which are appropriate according to his budget.


I have always sought perfection when comes time to select my wood, tools I work with, and my craft. The case that will protect the guitar that bears my signature, must be a part of the same movement.


I therefore offer 3 options called "Packaging". Each item found in this package, sum-up my quest for perfection:

- Packaging A: Standard - Hiscox Pro II;

- Packaging B: Premium - Main Stage Cases;

- Packaging C: Deluxe - Main Stage Cases + Caseadillo Cover.

Hiscox Pro II

These cases made in Great Britain, are light and really strong. Their robust construction is specially designed to isolate the guitar from temperature & humidity. I offer the Pro II version in my based price, to ensure a flawless protection.

I strongly encourage you to visit their website for more information:


I consider these cases made in Canada among the best available currently, in terms of protection & beauty. They are called "custom fit": in other words, each case is molded in the shape of your guitar. It will perfectly fit the curve of the inside of the case, for an ultimate storage & protection.


The shell that makes up the case is made of reinforced fiberglass, and it is possible to choose the interior & exterior color according to a fairly impressive panel. It's a detail of course ... but at Benjamin Paldacci Guitars, it's the kind of things that we are quite fond of.

There is nothing that I love more than discovering a fabulous instrument, starting from the first element that composes it: its case. It is also a very good indicator concerning the Class of the instrument it contains.

Warning: Since each case is designed specifically for each instrument, the start of its manufacture will begin once the guitar is complete. Allow a few weeks of time (minimum 8), according to Main Stage.

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I like to discover new brands in order to improve the standing of my instruments, even more when they are developed by colleagues (like the Truss rods that I use, manufactured by Mark Blanchard).


Sam Guidry and his companion Joyce created this brand during the year 2019. These protective covers of the highest quality, allow you to carry your guitar on your back. Thus keep your Main Stage or Hiscox case, protected from scratches & dirt. They have been specially designed to perfectly match the curves of your case. These covers are therefore available for Hiscox & Main Stage. It's a "must to have" ... quite simply.